New Patients

We are happy to register new NHS patients within our practice boundary area.  If you live outside our boundary area, you may still be able to register for services – see “Out of Practice Boundary Area Registration” below.

How to Register

To register with our practice please follow the link below to complete the online registration form.

After you have completed and submitted the form you must send two forms of identification within 7 days via our practice email:

Acceptable identification includes:

  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • HC2 Certificate
  • Rough sleepers’ identity badge
  • Hostel Registration / mail forwarding letter.

Until we have seen your identification you will not be registered at the practice.

For further information on registering with your GP, please visit the NHS website. 

Out of Practice Boundary Area Registration

Where it is clinically appropriate and practical to register, we now accept new registrations from patients who work in the local area but reside outside our registration area. Patients registered this way would not be entitled to a home visit from the practice but are eligible for all other routine care.  Registered patients who live outside the practice area and need a home visit, can contact NHS 111 in order to be seen by a practice closer to where they live.

For further information about this type of registration, please contact us on 0207 77364344 or please come into the practice.